That is absolutely hysterical.

It is very much the case, and I have more than 2 years of data including every single meal I have weighed and eaten in that time, as well as regular body composition analysis so that I can properly determine what is happening inside my body as a result of my dietary and training habits.

And on top of that, I am not even remotely near the high end of the spectrum. Normally I wouldn’t jump to the extreme case, but can you explain to me why Brain Shaw, Eddie Hall, and Hafthor Bjornsson regularly consume 8–10k calories in an effor to simply maintain their mass? They aren’t even looking to add any more mass, but merely to maintain what they have accrued. Brian recently dieted down over 30 pounds on over 8k calories per day. It is well documented that Ronnie Coleman consumed in excess of 600g of protein per day. Most physicians and dietitians would probably say that was far too much. Most physicians and dietitians would also be willing to admit that the norm does not generally apply to people who do not “act” like the norm.

Your response merely endorses my own retort. This information may prove to be a useful rubric for the average John or Jane doe, but for people with competitive aspirations or intense training protocols it is absolutely absurd.



Jack of quite a few trades, master of maybe a few at best.

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